I’m Adriana Dreves, Designer & Front-end developer

I studied Visual Communication at the University of Communication (Universidad de la Comunicación) in Mexico City. Since then I have worked in the field of advertising and technology. I have been in charge of Design and Digital Marketing projects for different brands such as Coca Cola, Scribe and Omron (among others). I have also been a professor of web design at a prestigious design school in Mexico City (Kinezis Art Lab).

I have helped to build the identity of some brands from scratch.

I am passionate about my work and I never give up. I like to learn about technology and new trends.

The last few years I have dedicated myself to customer service (I was a flight attendant for Aeromexico, the largest airline in my country). While I had that job I dedicated myself to e-commerce on different trending platforms like Amazon, ebay and Mercado Libre.

I am a very responsible, accountable and hard-working person. And I firmly believe that learning new things in life is what keeps us passionate and gives us purpose.

I am currently looking for a job in Vancouver, Canada where I am a Permanent Resident.