Project Info:

Mundet is an apple soft drink born in Mexico and acquired by Coca Cola.

In 2102, its sales were located in the center of the country. To publicize the product throughout the entire country we use the message “Well done does well.” A campaign was created on YouTube to highlight the value and the details with 11 capsules of Mexicans who are distinguished by doing things well.
For this campaign, we launched the first Brand Channel in Latin America where users could upload in real time the things that they considered to be well done in Mexico. From this, a Masthead with geolocation was created so that users could see the things well done that were close to them. Obtaining more than 3 million impacts in a single day. With this campaign we won a Google Award for best use of creative platform.

I participated in the brainstorming, especially for the masthead and made the design for the masthead and the brand channel.

Project Details:

  • Client:Sidral Mundet, a Coca Cola brand
  • Industry:Soda Production Industry in Mexico
  • Technologies:HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Date:Aug 2013